Samstag, 1. März 2014

Finally alot of improvements and Hardcore testing.

Agent Rush is taking alot longer that i thought alot of bugs came up with several times breaking the build or going back to the backup on Sourcetree.

Sprite Collection broke then also some colliders are not working anymore...
Most bugs are mirror stuff but one with the lift and dying on the lift giving me alot of troubles.
Its seems that the callback from the dead animation is not working correct.

I thought like 3-4 days ago that was fixed but its difficult to test. Because most of the time the player dont dies on the lift;) So far on my list are improving the MainMenu and improving the floor art.

I dont blame Unity but a big problems are that if you use plugins you need to learn and learn and hope that everything is stable.

Have a nice weekend! Take care;) Keep up making games.

Green B.. is the wrong collider;)

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