Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

OMG Fixing Bugs and Issues like Hell;)

Its been a while alot of troubles and bugs came up since i wanted to add the Ghostmode.

Goggle play service is working and i need to add more patterns and balance all out soon
I need sound too and maybe buy score flash. Alot of stuff got improve also fixed.

But i still fighting against the BUGS;) The progress is going slow. I hope MainMenu is done soon too
The game is really difficult but i balance it a bit out with the Ghostmode and the Rewind thing;)

Take care keep making games!!!

Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

Update Goggle Play Services improved UI and Ghostmode

Decide with an other dev to make each three days another update.
Back to the topic added the goggle play Service to the game. Need to improve it a bit the integration
but its working. And i used the offical Plugin from Goggle for Unity.

Setuping up takes some time and the doc is really alot of work and reading.. The commands are pretty simple and useful.

I changed the Rewind feature alot and make it simpler and better to use... It will be only possible to rewind the player. But you can dodge bullets and aliens and also get a live back sry had to spoil that ;)


I think we all know pacman and i wanted to make it possible with a special item that the player
can pickup the aliens and get extra points and it balance a bit out the game.


I wanted to make the game a bit more casual. But i sry guys its ended up more hardcore game and nitch game again;)

Created by Adam English!

Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

Update UI improvements and background improvements

Just a quick update about the current status. I will change the rewind mechanic today and make it
a bit more simpler and call it different.

And a big thank you to Stanislav Botev for improving the UI and the background alot.

Alot of stuff is current on the Todolist. I hope all is soon done and i can finally move to the last phase..

Take care, i leave a screenshot;)

Montag, 17. Februar 2014

Rewind Feature Alpha Rush

Sry for no update yesterday i was just too tired. Alot of bugs i found also when i made a small alpha video of the rewind.

Lift rewind has some bugs and the rest seems to work good so far. Right now Rewind is limited to
10 sec. Then it got recorded from here.

Its not good show and explain in the video but i show how to get a live back etc. and dodge a bullet.

I didnt even though about that;) Take have a nice week;) Keep making games

Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Bugs Bugs Bugs and Rewind Feature

I wanted a Rewind feature for the game to offer the player some options to get an advance etc...

Its been a pretty drag so far. Alot of situation need to be tested and more Bugs show up.

The overall plan is and was to have 3 rewinds from the Start and you can rewind during the game
and rewind back if you die.

Rewind back will give you the option to get a live back. And try again the same situation in the game. Hopefully you dont die then. More Rewinds and Health can be unlock with playing the game and collecting points. There wont be any IAP etc... 

Have i nice weekend i will soon release a video of the rewind feature.



Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

Quick Update

Sry trying to do more updates in Future. Alot of bugs are fixed right now.

Since i had redone the Sprite Collection it keep coming problems with animation.

Some GUI was broken.

Today i added the aliens die too if you collide with them. Rewind Part a bit like braid
Ghost mode part and missing are new behaviors for different Aliens

Design Patterns for the Lifts. Main Menu needs to be fixed and more animation added.

Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

Hell fixing Sunday

Hey just an quick update. Changed the GUI Elements but had to fix first the Sprite Collection
from the game. Somehow it when missing and since it should be changed to Tiles.

I had to reimport the Sprites i had to setup almost all and double check it again
Its really hell...

Some stuff needs to be improve because it fits not like i wanted it.....

Take care i am out;)

Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

New UI and Environment is coming for the game.

Got some really good ideas and concepts from my artist.
Finally today the lift bug is fixed and it was trigging to slow. A big thank you to Jordan...
Animation Bug i fixed too. Then i found alot others that.. are difficult to find and fix.


I got alot of feedback so far. Sry guys the player cant jump and they game is a challenge
not a coins fun experience...


I dont get sometimes an game should be as an mobile game an AAA experience. Polish art
and the best gameplay.

I think people should stop that. Everybody wants a decent quality for free.


I am sry to disappoint alot of player, devs etc but i wont make all perfect and do a game like you want or expect;)

Take care have a nice Sunday... All best

Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

Small update.

Yesterday i worked on the game until 4 am my time. Pretty hard was hoping that my small son
woke up and i give him a bottle.

Back to the topic. Fixed so far the animation bug. Found a small bug with the Alien that they stand too long... Added an Particle effect for the portal spawner.

So far on the Todo list is adding the new art for the touchcontrols.  And adding the rest of the Icons

Animation needs to be improved inGame GUI and some fixes.

I decide to make the App free with only one Ad.  Right now i thinking about an OUYA version.

Have a nice weekend. Until next update take care... and keep making games;)

Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

Finally the first Version is playable and name is found "Agent Rush" ;)


Its been awhile since Jordan help me to get a Prototype and the Alpha running.

Right now i am working on the Final Stuff, improving the overall gameplay and adding
the rest of the art and Ingame UI improvements and good touch controls...