Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2014

Kongregate version release and Chrome OS

Its been a while i made a simple PC and browser version too.

I want to add gamepad too, but need to get one;)

I still want to update the game more and improve the experience overall
i hope i can get more feedback in future to improve it more.

Take care,


Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

PC version and Mac version

Hey everybody, hope you had a great weekend so far.
Yesterday submitted an Web build to the Show your work from ETeeski.
i want to add gamepad support too. Then i will work on a OUYA and Vita version also.

I still have alot of plan for the game. Also maybe to sequel it and add real physics.

Take care,


drawn from a great artist and friend.
Adam English.

Sonntag, 27. April 2014

Weekend fixing and some improvements

Hey i have alot of improvements and addons plan. Also want to release it on PC, Mac and Vita

I hope you all have a great weekend i will soon update more.

Take care!

Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

Release "Finally its out" !

Today is finally the Release for iOS. Its been awhile since i had the idea to develop a
game like that.

I want to thank all the people that help me and supported me and my family.

Without you i could have finish it ;)

Take care and the Link to the Appstore:

Release on iOS etc

Finally Apple approved it. The Release date is set for 25. April.
The game is free and i hope alot of people play it and give me some postive and negative Feedback.

I made a small gameplay video for some forums:

Take care, cu tomorrow playing;)

Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Update iOS release and Android Update

Finally i am feeling a bit better i had so much energy that i remove the gameservices and added an local saving for the highscore.

I really disappointed with goggle service since its really a mess most of my players dont use it.

i need to work soon on the samsung store and amazon store release too;)

Nice weekend, take care;)

Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Sick tired and not finish the update and iOS build

Since the weekend i am sick. Sry for no update. I trying to.

Uploaded a version with goggle play services to samsung store, but really disappointed.
I need to remove it it seems to find an other solution.

I hope i can soon finish it and work on the next project too;)

Take care,

... ME