Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

Update Goggle Play Services improved UI and Ghostmode

Decide with an other dev to make each three days another update.
Back to the topic added the goggle play Service to the game. Need to improve it a bit the integration
but its working. And i used the offical Plugin from Goggle for Unity.

Setuping up takes some time and the doc is really alot of work and reading.. The commands are pretty simple and useful.

I changed the Rewind feature alot and make it simpler and better to use... It will be only possible to rewind the player. But you can dodge bullets and aliens and also get a live back sry had to spoil that ;)


I think we all know pacman and i wanted to make it possible with a special item that the player
can pickup the aliens and get extra points and it balance a bit out the game.


I wanted to make the game a bit more casual. But i sry guys its ended up more hardcore game and nitch game again;)

Created by Adam English!

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