Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

New UI and Environment is coming for the game.

Got some really good ideas and concepts from my artist.
Finally today the lift bug is fixed and it was trigging to slow. A big thank you to Jordan...
Animation Bug i fixed too. Then i found alot others that.. are difficult to find and fix.


I got alot of feedback so far. Sry guys the player cant jump and they game is a challenge
not a coins fun experience...


I dont get sometimes an game should be as an mobile game an AAA experience. Polish art
and the best gameplay.

I think people should stop that. Everybody wants a decent quality for free.


I am sry to disappoint alot of player, devs etc but i wont make all perfect and do a game like you want or expect;)

Take care have a nice Sunday... All best

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